Raquel Yunta



Hi! I’m Raquel, a freelance Spanish graphic designer, textile designer, illustrator, and artist based in Italy.
I’m a remote worker. I think that remote work is the way of the future!


I design printed materials such as infographics and manual instructions, and commercial products such as seamless textiles patterns and prints.
My illustrations inform, inspire, represent an idea or story. My work can be created by hand or on a computer, and the artwork I produce is developed so that it can work in both print and digital format.

I worked for many years in the fashion industry, I started creating vector technical drawings of products which gave me great ability to use the pen tool (which I love) and keen eye for details, and I ended up creating and developing patterns and prints, as well as layouts and other design works.

I bring art and design together!

After I graduated in Advertising in Spain I moved to London where I studied graphic design and where I did a few internships in different Ad agencies. One of the Art Directors I talked with, told me that my hand-made portfolio was a piece of art, and surely the word Art started to grow in my mind. Once I moved to Italy and started to paint and draw I didn't stop. I took some courses on art but I developed my own style.


I worked as filmmaker (2011-2014). I created lots of animated short films, animations mainly frame by frame, animated ads, flash websites and video art. I was awarded 3rd place in the Florence queer festival 2013. I’m specially proud of “The bench”, an animated short film that you can find at bitlanders. and YouTube.

I'm a reliable designer, I always meet deadlines and solve problems independently, I'm flexible and patience. I can communicate in Spanish, English and Italian.

I love reading, dancing, traveling, and eating pizza.

Get in touch! I'll be happy to discuss your project ideas and find creative solutions for you.