My work is dynamic. My keywords are: Balance, white space, simplicity, creativity, aesthetic, and humor.

Graphic Design

I create layouts, illustrations and graphics that inform and inspire. I use lines, shapes, and color to communicate, and I like adding an element of humor to my works.

As a graphic designer, my work covers many different areas. Advertising Design, such as illustrations, infographics, web images, posters and small publications, and Merchandise and Print Design, such as textile design, t-shirts, and murals.


As an artist, I pay particular attention to line, form, and abstract shapes. My drawings are created with just a few quick strokes, vertical lines are interrupted by horizontal lines or by curves. My art is dominated by the female figure. I try to convey strength and delicacy, sensuality and innocence, calm and anxiety.

Art and Graphic Design

After I graduated in Advertising in Spain I moved to London where I studied graphic design and where I did a few internships in different Ad agencies. One of the Art Directors I talked with, told me that my hand-made portfolio was a piece of art, and surely the word Art started to grow in my mind. Once I moved to Italy and started to paint and draw I didn't stop. I took some courses on art and I developed my own style.


I worked as filmmaker (2011-2014). I created lots of animated short films, animations mainly frame by frame, animated ads, flash websites and video art. I was awarded 3rd place in the Florence queer festival 2013. I’m specially proud of “The bench”, an animated short film that you can find on my YouTube Channel.

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