Raquel Yunta Profile

Let’s talk about me!

Artist since 2000. 

I pay particular attention to line, form, and abstract shapes. Drawings are created with just a few quick strokes, vertical lines are interrupted by horizontal lines or by curves. My work is dominated by the female figure. I use oil paint on canvas when I paint, and ink & markers when I draw. 

Graphic designer since 2011.

I specialize in pattern design and illustrations. I create minimalist patterns, illustrations, line drawings, and vector art. My goal is to simplify complex messages, and provide a fun experience in an easy and engaging way. I use lines, abstract shapes, and just a few colors to communicate in a creative and artistic way.


Filmmaker (2011-2014). I created lots of animated short films, frame by frame animations, animated ads, flash websites and video art. One of my short films won the 3rd place in the Florence Queer Festival 2013. I’m specially proud of “The bench”, an animated short film that you can find on my YouTube Channel and on Bitlanders

If you like what you see, and you are interested in working together