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Abstract illustrations

Abstract illustrations encourage imagination, curiosity and creativity

Cool guy wearing a printed hoodie. Raquel Yunta © 2021 Florence
Cool guy wearing a printed hoodie. Raquel Yunta. Florence 2021 ©

What’s printed on the black hoodie worn by the guy in the image above? A winged heart or a creepy creature?

The illustrations I create for print on demand platforms are like optical illusions that will trick your brain. Most of them are ambiguous images that different people will interpret in different ways, and that in some cases might cause some foreground-background confusion. Have a look here! abstract-optical-illusion

If you have followed the link you might have seen a girl’s face in the background (t-shirt color), or two twin creatures dancing in the foreground (graphic color). One more example! Cow And if you have followed this link you might have seen an abstract cow in the foreground, or an abstract ant in the background.

Abstract illustrations encourage imagination, curiosity and creativity

These designs are original and unique. The color palette I use (for the illustrations) is simple. It’s formed by red (daring and rebellious), white or soft grey (sophisticated), and black (urban). The T-shirt or hoodie colors I prefer are: black, white, charcoal and navy. Strong contrast!

Chance and control

I start with an empty mind, and I leave free my inner child to play, to create a few simple shapes that I freely distort in a kind of battle between chance and control.

When I started designing graphics to print on men’s clothing I had my doubts since I have always designed prints for women’s apparel brands, but now I find it challenging, fun and inspiring.

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* I only use my real signature (Raquel Yunta) on my fine art work, that is paintings and drawings. I use a secondary signature or kind of logo (Yunta) on graphic design, illustrations, and textile design works.

I see you in my next post!


Raquel Yunta

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