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Art to think, and to make your brain work

Mujer en la nube digital version. Raquel Yunta. Florence 2023 ©
Mujer en la nube digital version. Raquel Yunta. Florence 2023 ©

Decisions can be made quickly, or they can be made after careful thinking. Sometimes decisions are made without thinking about the risks associated with the final choice. What will happen if things go wrong? If things go wrong, can they be fixed?

Mujer en la nube

(Artwork in the picture above)

“Mujer en la nube” (woman in the cloud) is crying tears in the gas state. Traditional tears in liquid state interfered with the technology devices inserted in her eyes and brain, so her lachrymal glands have been modified.
She regrets having accepted the “Nube” contract. Once you are inside the “Nube” you are merged with the others, with the machine. There is not “you” anymore.

I wrote something in the background. I have used some symbols to code the text, it is a very easy code, badly written with a pencil.

Reduced reality ahead

Reduced reality post version. Raquel Yunta. Florence 2023 ©
Reduced reality post version. Raquel Yunta. Florence 2023 ©

High-fidelity digital humans, AI cloning voices, television manipulating reality, and so on. Can we distinguish between what is reality and what is not? In order to escape from reality, if there is one, some people may retreat into a dream world to escape when life becomes unbearable.

This work can be part of the “chaos series” or can be taken as the result of the chaos. It is art to think, reflect, and re-think.

A man wearing a wireless AR headset, logged in to his artificial perfect world, where he believes he lives. He never logs out, so he receives intravenous nutrition. His brain activity is monitored. The text in the background is not coded in this work, but I have used the computer to edit it, that’s why the original one is not for sale, it is only available as digital art print.

People in the white part of the artwork depict human suffering.

Both works are available on Feel free to contact me to purchase them directly from me.

I’ll see you in my next post.