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Being an artist in the digital age

The tricky game of uploading art on the web. How I protect my works online

Woman uploading a piece of art on the web. Raquel Yunta. Florence 2021 ©
Woman uploading a piece of art on the web. Raquel Yunta. Florence 2021 ©

Select Image – Upload. It seems easy, isn’t it? The fact is that being an artist or being creative in a digital era is anything but easy.

The moment I upload something on the web, I lose the control of it. On the other hand, if I don’t share my art on internet I will miss lots of new, fun and exciting opportunities.

There are many blogs with information about how to protect art images on the web. I’ve tried some of their tips and ideas, still sometimes my copyright has been infringed, and takedown notices have been sent.

How do I (try to) protect my works online?

  • Taking photographs of the work at an angle.
  • Taking photographs of work in progress. Sometimes I find the way to put myself in the image next to my work.
  • Recording a short video of the painting or design.
  • Disabling the right click on my website.

By doing so people can still enjoy my works and digital art thieves (copyright infringers) will think twice before using them.

What didn’t work for me?

  • Tiling the painting. Downloading all the tiles and building the entire work is too easy for art thieves.
  • Adding a watermark. Well, in my opinion, a watermark shouldn’t be added to a piece of art. Can you imagine a Picasso’s painting with a watermark on it!!! Of course, it all depends on the watermark you use.
  • Adding the Copyright sign. Toooo easy to remove from the photograph.
  • Low resolution pictures. If I’m trying to sell a painting, I can’t really upload a picture where my possible next client can’t properly see the details of it, can I?

How do I protect this post?

What I’m writing is automatically protected by copyright since I’m writing from my experience, I’m the author, and I guess there is not another Raquel Yunta writing the same words. Still, the risk exists.

Are you curious to see how I take photographs of my works at an angle? Then find some examples on Instagram @yuntarakel

I see you in my next post!


Raquel Yunta

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