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Ink and markers drawing experience

The observer becomes the artist and the artist becomes the observer

Woman looking at drawing
Woman looking at drawing. Raquel Yunta 2021 ©

I add visual contrast, movement, depth and texture to my drawings by combining black ink and markers. Mixing the mate and warm stroke of the ground black ink with the shiny and cold effect of the black markers, I create nice broken rhythms.

My drawings are built by thick lines, and thin lines that together form abstract figures and stories, which sometimes are not easy to find.

It’s a wonderful experience looking at people while they try to find the figures. The observer, attracted by the bold lines, jumps into the drawing and travels around giving many interpretations of the design. He unveils his inner world and creates something new. He experiences a work of art in person. It is an amazing experience for both the observer and myself.

Making my own handmade ink

I started using ink sticks by chance. In 2010, my then Art curator who was representing me at the 13th International Art Exposition Beijing, brought me an ink stone, an ink stick, and Chinese brushes as a gift. I thought, wow, this is a beautiful present, but I have no idea how to use it. Then, one day, moved by curiosity, I took the ink stick and ground some ink. I drew a few lines on different sheets of paper that I had on hand, and I left them there. After a few days I took my markers, I free hand drew, and I loved the result.

Grinding ink is a meditative process. It takes me (approx.) 45 minutes to get the right ink consistency, so I need to have the right mood to do it.

Visit,, or if you happen to be in Florence, pop into Tobian Art Gallery, to see, enjoy, experience, and buy my ink and marker drawings.

I see you in my next post!


Raquel Yunta

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