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Private collection shop

What I call “my private collection” is actually a collection of paintings I don’t want to sell willingly, most of the time is because of the story behind the painting, or the experience that gave birth to the piece. I’m very attached to these pieces of art. I consider them priceless.
Due to personal reasons, I have decided to make some of them available for sale.

Shipment: Mailing tube.
Payment: Bank Transfer.
Please read Buying Art FAQ for further information.



Dolce vita collection
Oil and silver leaf on canvas.
100 x 94 cm
Spain 2010

Exhibitions: 2010 Momart. Roma.

Shipment: rolled in a shipping tube without the stretcher bars.
The painting is currently stretched.

Please check close-up images for details of the painting.
My works may be taken to the framer when they arrive.
Dimensions in the painting description do not include 2 cm of canvas around the artwork.

Monitor colors are different from real colors, therefore I cannot guarantee that your monitor’s display will accurately reflect the color and tone of the real painting. Please view close-up images.

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