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The freed puppet

Marionetas – digital version. Raquel Yunta. Florence 2023 ©
Marionetas – Digital version. Raquel Yunta. Florence 2023 ©

Marionettes are full-length figures usually controlled by strings, from above, controlled by a puppeteer called a manipulator. The marionettes of my work are controlled by more than one unknown puppeteer. These expert puppeteers have created an army of sub-puppeteers that in turn control other puppeteers like in a pyramid hierarchical structure. The marionettes in this work belong to the bottom tier of the pyramid.

Nowadays, they don’t need strings to control puppets, it can be done using audio signals, infrared light, or remotely with control technologies and strategies of all kind. Through their word and actions they impress and seduce, they know how to control thoughts and perceptions.

I have two contrasting sources of inspiration in this period: Recovering humanity, and heading towards chaos and a dystopian society.

Las marionetas

Mix on paper.
21 x 29,7 cm
Florence 2023.

There are two “marionetas” in this work, the one with the strings, and the one who has cut the threads. You can see only one, the drawn one, which is still controlled from above, controlled from the modern “Olympus complex”. You have to use your imagination to see the other one, the one who freed herself.

The golden strings of the free puppet are not glued to the paper, they hang freely. The drawn puppet is too scared to even try to free herself.

Which of them are you?

From now on, I’m gonna be working with ballpoint pen a lot. I will also try to add other physical elements to my works because art thieves spread like wildfire in internet. I won’t be creating as many oil paintings as I used to, due to personal reasons.

“Las marionetas” is available for sale on saatchiart.

Feel free to contact me to purchase it directly from me.

I’ll see you in my next post.