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The importance of Traditional Art

The imperfections of a “hand made piece” of art have a unique value.

Imperfections of "Woman with gold blouse". Mix on canvas by Raquel Yunta. Florence 2019.
Imperfections of “Woman with gold blouse”. Mix on canvas by Raquel Yunta. © Florence 2019.

The more we live our lives in this parallel digital world, the more we will appreciate traditional art. Hand made real works will become “treasures”. A real “physical” piece of art will help you stay connected with reality.

The imperfections of a “handmade piece” of art show the artist’s hand, and the artist’s human side. Imperfections are perfectly imperfect.

Fewer artists will work on traditional arts since many will switch to digital art.

A collector (or art lover) who appreciates the texture, and imperfections of an oil painting, will continue to value physical works, and he will be more than happy to invest his money to get that unique experience that digital technology cannot provide.

Viewing art can change the way you think and feel.

When you observe a painting that evokes a feeling of beauty and happiness, you have pleasant emotions. And, when you have pleasant emotions you bring positive things to your life, you see more, and you are more open.

I hung a painting “Pink Woman” next to my computer. Whenever I feel stressed, like when the internet connection is slow, or when the computer freezes, I look at the painting, and I feel slightly better. If I keep looking at it, I forget about the computer and I feel de-stressed. Then, I turn my eyes to the computer screen, and I feel more tolerant with the slow internet connection, or with whatever was stressing me out.

Owning original art

Original paintings or drawings straight from the artist’s hand, with their intricate details, have a quality that makes them special and sets them apart.

One and unique original work for one and unique original person!

Sometimes, art lovers or art collectors don’t try to sell the work of art that they have purchased, since they have created a special connection with the piece, and are not willing to lose it. Emotional connections allow you to feel human, which is extraordinarily important, given the dehumanized times we live in.

Multiple artworks create a great impact!

When you acquire multiple works, you can hang them in different ways unveiling different stories, each of which will create a different experience to you. I suggest hanging them close to one another.

Should I buy from the artist?

When buying art, it is important to know the origin of the work, the origin of the artist. Buying directly from the artist will give you (and the artist) many benefits. You will get to know the artist, you will support the artist so that he/she can create more art, you will also be supporting the growth of creativity!
The fact that you love a piece from, let’s say artist X, means that there is already a connection between you and artist X. The moment you connect with that piece you love so much you are also connecting with the artist.

Get in touch if you are interested in one of the paintings in the shop!

I’ll see you in my next post!


Raquel Yunta