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The stages of my career as an artist – Part 3

Third of a series of articles on the different stages of my career as an artist. A glimpse into my paintings (2007 – 2008)

Green women looking at my early paintings. Raquel Yunta. Florence 2021 ©
Green women looking at my early paintings. Raquel Yunta. Florence 2021 ©

Paintings on image above from left to right:

  • Bebe en brazos. Oil on canvas. 60×50 cm. Private collection. Florence 2007.
  • Brazos inútiles. Oil on canvas. Spain 2007-08.
  • Il ginocchio. Oil on canvas. Spain 2008.
  • Tormento. Oil on canvas. Spain 2007-08.
  • Silvana. Oil on canvas. 60×50. Private collection. Florence 2007.

Most paintings from this period show distorted figures, useless or missing arms, huge facial features, little care for the movement of the brush, no care for the blending of colors, and muddy colors. Soft pastel colors were used only in a few paintings while I was in Italy.

2007, umm…, a complicated year. In those days I was working as a sculptor and painter. I had to stop sculpting due to a health condition, so I threw myself into painting.

Pastel colors vs muddy colors

Some paintings show nice pastel colors, while others show muddy colors. Muddy colors are especially important in these paintings, since they “perfectly” translate the emotional turmoil I was experiencing. They are less desirable, I know, still they evoke strong emotions. Soft Pastel colors instead had like a centering effect on me.


In 2007, I began to create some kind of depth in my works which was something I had never used up until this moment. The line behind the main figures in the paintings gives more visual space, and separates the figures from external reality. Other elements such as flowers and other figures are also incorporated in the paintings from this period.

State of paintings

Most of the paintings where I have used soft pastel/pale colors have been sold. There are only four works still available. They are in good condition, since they have been exhibited just once, and they are framed. (I keep a couple of them in my private collection).

Most of the paintings where I’ve used muddy colors are available, and they have never been exhibited since they depict a delicate and sensitive period of my life. I’ve relocated many times over the years, so they have suffered some stress due to changes in environmental humidity and temperature.

Many paintings and sculptures from this period have been thrown away.

If you are interested in the paintings I created between 2007-2008, get in touch.

Visit my Shop page or Saatchi Art to view my last works for sale.

I see you in my next post!


Raquel Yunta