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The stages of my career as an artist – Part 4

Series of articles on the different stages of my career as an artist. Madrid 2008

Woman visiting an exhibition. Raquel Yunta. Florence 2021 ©
Woman visiting an exhibition. Raquel Yunta. Florence 2021 ©

Paintings on image above from left to right:

  • Le bimbe
  • Mano que sujeta barbilla
  • La gitana

Paintings from this period show minimalist female figures that flow beyond the edges of the paper, facial features float in the air, the movement of the brush is spontaneous, The blend of the colors is aggressive.

Curly hair

In 2008, the hair of the figure gains importance in the compositions.
Disperse curly hair floats around the head. Sometimes, adding hair makes the composition too busy, so I prefer to leave facial features floating in the air.

Even if I draw curly hair spontaneously, some paintings depict women with straight hair.

Love and happiness as subject matter

In this period, my paintings depict women dancing, women playing music instruments, women in love, happy children.

Big smiles are the first thing you see when looking at the paintings. In “Mano que sujeta barbilla” (hand holding chin) there is a nice complicity between the couple. He holds her chin because it seems she feels embarrassed for something. This painting is quite big (150 x 150 cm), and it is canvas mounted so unfortunately I will only deliver it to Florence city center. “Mano que sujeta barbilla” is the painting in the center of the image above.

State of paintings

Some paintings have been sold. Some paintings have been thrown away. And unfortunately, some paintings are missing. Some of them have been exhibited in different places in Italy. (I keep only 1 in my private collection).

I’ve relocated many times over the years, so my paintings have suffered some stress due to changes in environmental humidity and temperature.

Available paintings

  • Cotilleo
  • Mano que sujeta barbilla
  • Le bimbe
  • La siesta
  • Pelo liso sentado
  • Pose ocra
  • Pose simpatica
  • Rizada
  • Baile
  • Recreo
Available paintings 2008

Paintings thrown away:

  • Cabeza cuadrada
  • Super rizos

Paintings sold:

  • Cara apoyada
  • La gitana
  • Guitarra 2

Get in touch if you are interested in one of the available paintings from this period!

I see you in my next post!


Raquel Yunta

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