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The stages of my career as an artist – Part 5

Series of articles on the different stages of my career as an artist. Madrid and Florence 2009

Man visiting an exhibition. Raquel Yunta. Florence 2022 ©
Man visiting an exhibition. Raquel Yunta. Florence 2022 ©

Paintings on image above from left to right:

  • Hola 140×200 cm (Available).
  • Concerto Nel Giardino 277×149 cm (Sold).
  • Loro 110×129 cm (Private Collection).

In this period my paintings depict mostly scenes related to music, love, or maternity. Human bodies are disproportionate. Movement is expressed through the use of musical instruments and dancing poses. There is interaction between the figures in the composition.
Even if I was living in Madrid in 2009, I spent most of the year in Florence

Change of colors

Terra di Siena (Sienna) e Rosso di Venezia (Venetian Red) became my primary colors. Terra di Siena color has the power to give the feeling of relaxation, whereas Rosso di Venezia produces strong emotions. I used Terra di Siena to fill in the figures, and Rosso di Venezia to highlight small details, and to paint backgrounds.

Music and wine

I had many proposals to participate in Music Festivals (Musicastrada, Pouss Jazz Festival) during 2009 that’s why most of the paintings from this period depict scenes related to music.

The 30 paintings exhibited at the Florence Wine Event 2009 had music and wine as subjects. Bacchus was my source of inspiration. Paintings were exposed in the various squares adhering to the initiative. They have been sold.
2009 had been a very fruitful period.

Coppietta. FWE 2019. Raquel Yunta ©

Large size paintings

Working on big pieces was like dancing with the artwork’s elements and figures. It gave me a sense of freedom that small-scale pieces can’t give me. Size limit was only imposed by the size of the wall where I hung the blank piece of canvas.

Palazzo Tempi. Florence

Palazzo Tempi acquired many paintings from this period. These artworks are permanently exhibited in their dining room.

State of paintings

Many paintings have been sold. Some paintings have been thrown away. And unfortunately, some paintings are missing. Some of them have been exhibited in different places in Italy and Spain. (I keep 3 works in my private collection).

I’ve relocated many times over the years, so my paintings have suffered some stress due to changes in environmental humidity and temperature.

(Some) available paintings:

  • Arpia 153×139
  • Nel Caffè 140×190
  • Stars 145×115
  • Special 98×135
  • Tramontana 40×100
  • Greve Trompeta 152×49
  • Mua 23×89
  • La Sirvienta 170×200
  • Hola 140×200
  • El Beso 73,5×88,5
  • L’amore 82×100
  • Donna con bambino 40×27
  • Brazo Rizado 70×95
  • Oro 53×148
  • La bailarina 117×200
  • Rita 40×90
  • La Luna 40×90
  • Twins
  • Al Piano
  • Las Lesbis
  • Folky 150×185

(Some) Sold paintings:

  • Bacco 135×152
  • Concerto Nel Giardino 149×277
  • Grazia, Graziella… 100×190
  • Greve Violonchelo 159×90
  • Gli Incantatori 150×150
  • Le Sorelle Bianchi 150×150
  • Zapatillas de Ballet 64×96
  • El Abrazo 40×60
  • Sisters 142×149
  • Trio Jazz 100×150
  • La oriental 40×60
  • Piano y Saxo 149×173
  • Las 4 del Paraiso 100×95
  • Parfume 120×95

Private Collection

  • Flor Nouveau 70×95
  • Loro 110×129
  • Violonchelo 100×100

Get in touch if you are interested in one of the still available paintings!

I see you in my next post!


Raquel Yunta

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