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The stages of my career as an artist – Part 8

Series of articles on the different stages of my career as an artist. Florence 2019-20.

Yellow woman visiting an exhibition. Raquel Yunta. Florence 2022 ©
Yellow woman visiting an exhibition. Raquel Yunta. Florence 2022 ©

Paintings on image above from left to right:

  • Él y ella. 35×52 cm (available)
  • Women 2020. 36X51,5 cm (available)
  • Mujer con dos caras. 36×52 cm (sold)
  • Sisters. 36×51,5 cm (available)

In 2013, I stopped making art, and I left the Art Studio where I used to work.
In 2018, someone gave me the opportunity to have a solo exhibition in an alternative space next to the Biennale, in Venice. My first answer was “no”. After a few days, I reconsidered the proposal and I accepted.

The exhibition was a success. I was back.
The pieces I created during 2019 are all small scale, and most of them are portraits. In 2020, I mostly draw.


Oil on canvas. Florence 2020. Inspired by my daughter and her cousin during summer 2020. The painting displays something I see often and that doesn’t depend on the age: spending time together but alone.

Woman in Piazza del Carmine

Mix on canvas. Florence 2020. Inspired by an elderly woman I met in Florence while waiting for my laundry to finish. She talked to me just for a few minutes, which were enough to feel her deep sense of loneliness and isolation. She had a shy smile on her sweet face, an ambiguous smile. The painting doesn’t depict a lonely elderly woman but a young one, a woman with copper tears. I gifted her with eternal youth. I never saw her again.

State of paintings

Most paintings are available for sale. I have sold only 2 of them. (I keep 2 works in my private collection).

They are in good conditions, apart from the 2 pieces in my private collection which have been created using an old piece of canvas (wrinkled canvas).

Available paintings

  • Cousins 35,5×51,5 cm (2020)
  • Él y ella 35×52 cm
  • Introvert 35,5×51,5 cm (2020)
  • Mujer con horquilla 30,5×54 cm (2019)
  • WOMEN 2020 36X51,5 cm (2020)
  • Mujer con pendiente de cobre 37×55 cm
  • Mujer con vestido dorado 35×50 cm (2019)
  • Woman in bathrobe 30,5×56,5 cm
  • Woman in Piazza del Carmine 36X52 cm (2020)
  • Sisters 51,5×36 cm (2019)

Sold paintings

  • Mujer con dos caras 36×52
  • Pareja en kimono dorado

Private Collection

  • Woman with gold blouse (2019)
  • Niñas con horquilla (2019)

Get in touch if you are interested in the available paintings!

I see you in my next post!


Raquel Yunta

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