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Video Art

Video art, protest art, animations, and animated short movies. Visit my youtube channel to see other videos!

La Bilancia

Description: A scale is unbalanced. Three stick-men try to balance it. Other stick-men come to help them.

Protest art against human rights violations.

Italy 2022


Description: Protest Art: Basta Odio. BENEVOLENTIA. (Benevolence in Latin)
Defined in Roman culture as «voluntate benefica benevolentia movetur» (benevolence is set in motion by a will that aims at the good). Music by madirfan from Pixabay.
A drawn woman asks: where did empathy, love, respect, kindness, and benevolence go? Then, a woman appears with tape covering her mouth. Some of the insults she has received come into view.
The drawn woman leaves the stage, and her hand erases the insults.

The short film was inspired by the continuous incitement to hatred and discrimination against unvaccinated people in Italy. Italy 2022


Description: Nonsense short movie. Two aliens walk on a path that has no way out. They step back and fall down into an empty space. They get trapped. One of them kicks the wall, releasing the other one, who instead uses the brain to release her friend.

Unpleasant Erhu background music by Raquel Yunta.

Italy 2014


Description: Protest Art against domestic violence. A big, red heart fills up the screen. Background sound reveals the real love story. She is badly wounded but still alive, then, the door squeaks…

The original movie had a baby calling his mom in the background (heartbreaking, I’ve deleted it).

Italy 2014

The Bench

Description: A grandmother goes for a walk with her granddaughter. The kid is pure energy, happiness and joy. She can’t stop a second, as any normal kid. Granny needs to sit for a rest. They find a bench. The kid invites her granny to sit on it for a little while.
It’s very sweet to see the kid trying to follow the steps of her grandmother, and also granny helping the kid to climb the bench with the walking stick.

Italy 2013

The Bench 02

Description: The bench in the park is, one more time, witness of a sweet event.
A blackbird tries to communicate with a business woman, but she doesn’t understand what the blackbird is trying to say. A teenager shows up in the park, and the blackbird tries again, this time successfully. After all, the only thing the blackbird wanted, was someone to put the nest on a tree so that it will be in a safer place.

Italy 2014

Fix the dancer

Description: A dancer suddenly gets stuck while dancing. Kids are playing football somewhere, and they lose the ball. A kid goes to get the ball, and his curiosity will drive him to fix the dancer. The dancer thanks the kid by dancing for him. The kid calls his friends, and they run to see the dancer, but there is nothing to see, so they go back to the place where they were playing. The kid with the ball knows that the dancer was real, and he waits for him to show up. The dancer comes back, and kids enjoy his dancing. But it won’t last long.

Italy 2013


Description: Abstract video art.
A woman shape that becomes a baby elephant and a rhino is the beginning that I needed to get an eye and a mouth for the first swapping in the movie. A woman takes the eye and the mouth that she finds on the floor, and leaves her own eye and mouth. Video art submitted to the BIURO FESTIWAL ANIMATOR 2013 (Polonia).

Italy 2013


Description: Animated short film.
It was awarded with the Third place at the Florence Queer Festival 2014 inside the HIV short film contest.
Background music from: Gilo, Beats Tornado, Creative Commons License.

Italy 2013


Description: Different people. They all made the aids test. At the end of the movie a person with no head comes into the scene, he/she wants to have a head so, he/she will make the test.

Florence Queer Festival 2013, “Se hai Testa fai il Test”.
Cinema Odeon: martedì 12 Novembre alle 21,00.
Background music by Frame.

Italy 2013

Speed -Tricycle

Description: A guy is riding a tricycle, he speeds up, and the tricycle’s wheels start to burn, and then his hair, his body, even the tricycle burns up. He goes so fast that fire can’t get him. Fire gets fed up and hides. The guy thinks that he is the winner of the race, but when he dances to celebrate it, fire shows up.

Background music (Avicii), and Burn logo intro have been removed after the winner of the Burn contest was announced. Watch the video while listening to Avicii – Speed (burn & Lotus F1 Team Mix)- Radio Edit 3’41.

Italy 2013


Description: Protest art against elder abandonment. A lonely granny is watching an old tape on her new television which is placed on a small and fragile glass table. Time passes by, she dozes. The darkness of the night wraps her dreams, the coldness of the night coddles her.

Background music from A.S.Y.

Italy 2013


Description: Surrealist short movie. Obsessions and utopias in an artist’s head, in the artist world.

Created for the Notte bianca di San Giovanni Valdarno 2013. “Casa Masaccio Arte Contemporanea” program.
Background music by Amitron-7 “Galaxy M-12” from the Free Music Archive.

Italy 2013


Description: Video art for the “Notte Bianca Firenze 2013”. Inspired in the book “Jonathan Livingston Seagull” by Richard Bach. The short movie tells the story of a 10-year-old boy and his younger sister. He wants to fly his paper plane, and he will succeed with the help of imagination, and with the help of a pure and simple mind as that of his sister. The child will share his wonderful story with a seagull, a seagull who is not afraid of new things and of the unknown.

Background music: It has been muted to respect copyright. Please listen to Daft Punk “around the world” to watch it.

Italy 2013


Description: Shown in the Odeon Cinema, Firenze, 11 November 2013.
A woman goes back home where her girlfriend is waiting. Other people show up and come out from the cabinets in the house. The couple embraced, fall asleep on the couch. There is a guy who is not ready yet to come out from the closet, so he prefers to remain in it.

Background music: Amitron_7 with “Tonicshifter”.

Italy 2013

The painter

Description: A painter is not always inspired. Inspiration takes its time. When inspiration arrives, the artist can finish his work, but sometimes artists are not happy with the result. So paintings might be destroyed.

This is a fiction story any similarity to actual persons is purely coincidental. 😀 😀

Italy 2013

El punto

Description: Nonsense film. Submitted to the CHESTER FILM FESTIVAL 2014. A person in a wheelchair and his/her caregiver going for a walk. The caregiver looses his/her legs, the person in the wheelchair grabs them, then this person stands up and place the caregiver in the wheelchair, so the caregiver becomes the person receiving care, and the person in the wheelchair becomes the caregiver.

Background music from the free Music Archive: Amitron_7 “Interplantary Northern Arcadians”

Italy 2013


Description: Video art to celebrate Women’s day. It was sent to the Council of Florence. It was rejected.

A woman with many tasks. She has to keep calm, so she stops and thinks about what’s going on in front of her. She organizes everything. She can do anything she wants.

Language: Italian. Background music from the Free Music Archive. Frame, New Beat Transmission. Creative Commons Licence.

Italy 2014