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Woman looking up – Digital work

Digital art is here to stay, and it’s an affordable option for art lovers

Woman Looking Up 01, and Woman Looking Up 02. Raquel Yunta. Florence 2021 ©
Woman Looking Up 01, and Woman Looking Up 02. Raquel Yunta. Florence 2021 ©

Creating digital art is completely different from creating traditional art. It requires a different process, a different way of thinking and specific computer skills. It can’t and it won’t in any way replace traditional handmade art. There will always be a market for handmade paintings, physical sculptures and handmade drawings. Still,

digital art is here to stay. It has a big impact, and it’s cheaper than an original oil painting, so it’s an affordable option for art lovers.

An important weakness I find on this art form is that artists (and I include myself) find difficult to express or communicate their emotions via a digital work. So if you are thinking about buying a digital art print (not necessarily the one I’m trying to promote with this post), take a minute, look at it and think about what the artist is trying to communicate, what the art piece will bring into your life, and what it makes you feel. After all, art is supposed to make you feel something!

The digital art pieces I create should be considered as a supplement to my work as an artist, and not as an alternative.

My digital art process

My process might seem simple but it is not. Digital art is not easier than traditional art, it’s different, it’s another art form. Digital art softwares provide you with the tools to help you create the work, but you need a lot of patience and practice to create an aesthetically pleasing piece of art.

I’m usually inspired when working on graphic design projects. An abstract shape or a vectorized watercolor stroke can trigger my imagination. Then, I visualize the general layout of the piece on my mind and I start editing, scanning, and vectorizing drawings, strokes and pictures. I move the elements from a photo editing software to a vector software and vice versa a hundred times until I’m happy with the piece.

Woman Looking Up (Displayed in the image above)

I was in front of the computer vectorizing some watercolor strokes that I was going to use for a job proposal, when I saw her looking up. “Woman Looking Up”. It could be you, your wife, your sister, your daughter, or any woman who feels calm, relaxed, special, confident, significant and part of something big. A woman looking up at the sky, at the stars, with hope.

Woman Looking Up 01 (the one on the left of the image above) was created first. Something went wrong when I saved the file, and Woman Looking Up 02 (the one on the right of the image above) came out. She was as beautiful as the first one, so I made both of them available for print.

Prints are now on sale at You can choose the size of the artwork and the print material. Saatchi Art gives you also the possibility to purchase the frame together with the work of art.

I see you in my next post!


Raquel Yunta

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